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Our Child Care Centre

Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre is committed to delivering high-quality early education and child care services to infants and young children aged between one to six years. Our qualified educating staff ensures that your child is secure, safe and happy in our centre. Our management team works continually towards developing a play based learning programs that help children to expand their horizons as per their potential. We take extreme care of your toddlers and provide them with healthy and nutritious meals. We aim at:

  • Giving children better exposure and lessons of life
  • Nurturing the inner capabilities and strength of active children
  • Using routines to help children learn more about the diverse cultures, emotional values and disciplined life.

Our tailor-made programs enable our children to become enthusiastic and confident learners who are open-minded, flexible and can cope up with this fast-changing world.

Highlights of Our Centre

Enticing Education Practices

As an institution, we believe that early education is an imperative part and the initial step of our life learning. We want to provide interactive and useful learning methods that are accessible and inclusive of the diversity of all children and families. We maintain a robust partnership approach between management, educating staff and families to give the best learning experiences to the children.

Welcoming Environment

We have arranged a welcoming setting for the children of all ages in our Melbourne situated child care centre. The environment is custom designed in a way that makes the kids feel at home. Our modern-age classrooms, engaging toys, playing area and washrooms are designed in a customised way to give toddlers a comfortable environment.

Friendly & Enthusiastic Educators

We have a team of competent educators who are passionate about their work and treat children with extra love and care. They are always present with the kids to aid them with anything they need. They are professionally certified early childhood teaching specialists who are committed to providing children with the best care and education services in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our Interactive KinderCare Centre

Kindergarten is an important year for young and enthusiastic learners. Our team of highly-qualified and certified KinderCare experts will trigger the natural curiosity of your child to improve their school readiness. Our intriguing learning sessions leverage the cutting-edge technology to serve the individual needs of children and their parents.

Parent’s Testimonials

Alexandra Wills

John’ Mom

Just like any other parent, I also wished to see my child happy every day while going to and returning from her childcare. It has strengthened my confidence as a parent that we made the right choice by sending our child to The Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre.

George Michael

John’s father

The Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre helped me a lot in nurturing the learning ability and confidence of my 2 years old son. Under their guidance, we have observed that he has developed his skills through a range of different activities. He has become more active and enthusiastic. Thanks for taking care of my child.

New Age Learning Methods

Program Features

All our programs are designed and delivered by university qualified educators and teachers who are passionate about providing quality early education learning results for children. They apply a personalised approach to nurture the learning abilities of small toddlers and prepare them for pre-school and school education. We work closely with parents to make sure that the interest and needs of all the children met within set time boundaries. We maintain clear lines of communication between the centre and families. Any new milestones or developments are easily communicated to families from time to time.

Evidence-Based Learning

Our programs and learning methods are factual and well researched. Children are encouraged to learn with the help of small group educator-guided sessions and brief big-group sessions which are child-directed. These sessions never lose the fun and active environment where the child’s experience is supreme. Children can evoke their imaginations and let them run free through our play-based learning.

Our educating staff helps children to build and extend their literacy and language skills, be creative and independence from a very young age so that they do not face any issue while growing up and get enrolled in ‘big school’ with confidence.

Child Oriented Environment

We have created a motivated environment based on the child’s specific interest to develop positive attitudes in them. The setting is nurturing and adaptable to the each child’s requirements which makes them involved learners and effective communicators.

Captivating Learning Methods

We, at Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre, focus on developing a child-friendly environment through learning games that are fun-loving and entertaining. It includes puzzle-solving, recognising things and colours, poem reciting and a lot more.

Art & Music

Our programs incorporate art and music as an inseparable part of our curriculum. We organise events for children. Our garden area is designed especially for those kids who love the essence of art and music. Plus, our educators teach the basics of art and craft so that they can enjoy and explore the fun of drawing in the middle of the greenery.

Science & Fun Facts

We focus on science and environment from the very first session itself. Science is a major part of our lives, and our children must start learning about it at an early age. With this aim, our educators plan different activities for children that help them learn more about our nature and environment.

Meals & Nutrition

We make sure that the food served here is meeting the standard guidelines for quality and healthy food. Our sole aim is to meet the nutritional needs of young children. We offer a wide range of variety in food so that the kids can enjoy their meal and develop the habits of eating everything being offered. This encourages a sense of appreciation of food in then and also gives them the opportunity to experience the diversity of food.