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    We take pride in delivering high-quality early education to young children of Melbourne, Victoria.

Welcome to our Award-winning Childcare Centre

Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre pride itself in providing the highest standards of early education and care to children and their families across Melbourne, Victoria. We aim at nurturing, motivating and cultivating the inner strength of your child through forward-thinking education and fun-learning programs. We proudly run our organisation with the positive-approach to offer education and care for children from 7-8 weeks to kindergarten age. We take care of your children and provide them with a comfortable and fun-loving environment – thanks to our in-house staff, caretaker and teachers. Bright Minds Gowrie child care centre is a perfect place for your toddler to sprout & grow!

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What we Endeavour for?

Our main idea behind setting up this child care centre is to provide high-quality childcare programs to support young parents to fulfill their work commitments while encouraging small toddlers to stay enrolled with us. Our kindergarteners and educators work religiously to enhance young children’s development and learning through the early years by building their knowledge and interests. Our well-integrated framework holds methods, principles, and learning outcomes which aid in nurturing the overall development of the child.

Our Aim

Your toddler is in good hands at Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre in Melbourne. Our management team strives on choosing the best, highly-experienced and friendly teachers and other staff members who are qualified in the Early Childhood Education field.

Our Management

Your toddler is in good hands at Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre in Melbourne. Our management team strives on choosing the best, highly-experienced and friendly teachers and other staff members who are qualified in the Early Childhood Education field.

Our Methods

We believe in building a warm, welcoming, friendly, and respectful and robust relationship with the kids at our centre. We teach our children the methods to be reciprocal with each other to prepare them for their future, which is crucial to the learning and development of children.

Our Bespoke Services


Our Curriculum

We offer curriculum centred programs and fun-learning activities to support the development needs of small children in their early years. The programs organised by us will help kids in developing an interest and love for learning. It will build a sense of independence and allow them to explore the new things happening around them.

Our Educators

Our highly qualified educators are always present for the care of kids who have enrolled with us. These professionally certified child education experts provide the skills combined with love and care. Our enthusiastic educators and kindergarteners help your child to explore diverse cultures and encourage them to indulge in art and music activities.

Environment and Resources

We have created a warm and friendly environment to make kids comfortable from the first day. The resources are modern and customised to support your child’s individual physical, mental, and emotional needs. We have designed our classrooms and playrooms that offer children of every age a different setting and environment.

Meals and Nutrition

We believe that healthy meals and nutrition is the most vital aspect of your child’s growth and that’s the reason why we take extra care to provide the variety of organic and nutritious foods in our child care centre situated in Melbourne. We incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables and meals with low added sugars and fats.

Early Years Education

Early education is one of the most significant milestones in child’s initial years of schooling and learning. We take it as our responsibility to prepare your child for the transition to formal school and their future. Our early education programs are designed in a way to give your family convenience and flexibility whenever needed.

Workshops and Activities

We have incorporated a plethora of activities for kids of every age to help them in effectively learning basic skills. There are workshops, activities, events and exhibition in our Melbourne child care centre to showcase children’s works and their progress. The exhibition and workshops hold events, training and various diverse events to showcase children’s creative pieces.

Our Customised Curriculum

Infants/Baby Care

At Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre in Melbourne, our daycare service for infants and young toddlers is our topmost priority. Our baby care program is designed to provide a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment where he/she can spend their entire day with joy. We aim at keeping your infants happy, comfortable, safe and secure.

Child Care and Education

Our childcare services are designed to help your one to two-year old toddler to learn about new things and explore more about his/her surroundings. We make sure every child embraces the interactive learning experiences to develop their emotional, social, physical and intellectual aspects in a safe and engaging environment.

Pre-school Curriculum

Our pre-school program is incorporated with fun-loving, exploration, investigation and enthusiastic activities where active children can boost and expand their capabilities and knowledge. With the endurance to enhance the inner potential of kids, we emphasise consolidating purposefully-designed learning environments and interactive activities in our pre-school learning sessions.


Our well-streamlined kindergarten curriculum aims at preparing three to four years of children for schools and elementary education. Our in-house educators encourage children to participate in social and academic programs and improve their communication skills, writing abilities and general knowledge so that they can enjoy their school experiences.

Extra Activities

Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre is a renowned provider of child care services, early education and preschools, kindergarten, parental and educational advisory solutions in Melbourne, Victoria. These activities help your kids to improve their time management skills, and they also learn how to prioritise various commitments. Our activities will be useful for the rest of their life and make them organised and mentally active. With an intention to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem, we organise these activities.

Intriguing Educational Events

We organise engaging educational events for our enrolled children to nurture their inner potential and qualities. Our events are filled with incursions, excursions, games and physical activities, assignments, projects and a lot more for every age of a child.

Summer Camps

Summer or Day camp programs at Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre in Melbourne offers outdoor and indoor activities and fun games that encourage children to grow their ability while making choices and understand the importance of different aspects of life such as sharing, caring, and friendship.

Social Skill Development Activity

We make students learn about the social skills that are necessary and cannot be learned inside the school or house. For this reason, we plan outside trips to the nearby mall or shopping centres in Melbourne and interact with new people to develop their social skills positively and compellingly.

Parent-Teacher Interaction Sessions

We invite parents every month to share their observations about their kids and tell us about the changes they noticed. It gives us immense pleasure when parents come to us and thank us for developing their child’s overall well being.

Nurturing your child's individual needs and interests

Our Bright Minds Gowrie Child Care Centre aims at fostering the innocence of active and enthusiastic toddlers. Our brilliant faculty put extra efforts in making sure that each day counts for the kids who come to us. They grow with the kids by knowing your child- their personalities, interests and development stages. We also collaborate with their families and children’s parents to widen the learning opportunities with experiences that can help them to relate back to their home environments.
We try to make them understand the importance of setting a goal in life at an early age. Our professionals mix learning and fun to make things easy for them. It increases their motivation level and keeps them motivated. We leave no stone unturned to develop the skills that will help them to stay one step ahead of the others.
Our approach is different with every child, as we understand each child has different needs. When you leave your child with us, we evaluate his/ her strengths and weaknesses. We create a valuation report which is discussed with you. According to our analysis, we work on enhancing talents and skills your child is naturally good at and work on the weak areas. Our faculty ensure to provide a safe and constructive learning environment. We do our best to make learning enjoyable. You can trust us to do our best to give your child proper attention, care, training, and education.


We prepare the children tactfully for their transition into preschool. Being Melbourne’s most trusted child care centre, we take immense pride in giving every child the opportunities that help in learning and grasping the knowledge as much as possible. Our quality learning programs help each child in building their self-image and bring in the confidence to accept the change while going to a school. They learn the skills to be successful in school and life. We give them basic learning to explore and discover new ideas and be creative in everything they do.


We are Melbourne’s best child care centre because we provide a home-like environment to the kids so that they feel comfortable and cozy. Our recently refurbished indoor and outdoor play areas are filled with many natural resources that support children’s development. Along with friendly surroundings we provide kids with nutritious and healthy meals to help them have the energy to learn and play for a whole day. These meals are prepared by our specialist chefs to foster children’s growth and development.


We have arranged for plenty of resources that help in the learning of children. We provide access to a parenting resource centre that offers all the necessary information on nutrition, parenting and more. There are no hidden fees for families and parents as incursions, excursions, nappies and meals are included in our daily fee. We are very well aware of the fact that the kids grow very fast, and that’s why we try to accommodate your child’s changing needs without any delays.

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